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Pack your luggage and get ready to travel to Milan, for a unique journey in art, architecture and history, to enjoy the scenery and eat delicious Italian food for sure, and if you wonder about the costs of tourism in Milan and the most important sights, restaurants and neighborhoods to visit there, here’s a guide Including all those details, according to the US website The Savvy Backpacker .

Tourism costs in Milan

Naturally, Milan is one of the most expensive Italian cities; it is the capital of trade and fashion in the country.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap transatlantic flights in this charming city;

If you are a traveler who wants to save, it is advisable to budget between € 35 ($ 39) and € 60 ($ 66) per day in Milan.

Sure, you can spend much more, maybe less, than this, but here is an average estimate of the costs you’ll need daily in this city:  

  • Tourist sites: € 10 ($ 11), (one paid location + no free views)
  • Dining: € 23 ($ 25) per day
  • Breakfast: EUR 3 ($ 3.3)
  • Lunch: 6 euros (6.6 dollars)
  • Dinner: € 12 ($ 13)
  • Sweetener: € 2 ($ 2.2)
  • Transportation: € 1.50 ($ 1.6), (but you can easily walk almost everywhere)
  • Accommodation (by Hostelworld): from 20 to 28 EUR (22 to 31 USD) per night, or search hotels on

This list includes the basic expenses you will need when you start your tour, while the budget for other expenses such as shopping, tours, random purchases and gifts, this is what you have to put yourself.

How long does it take to visit Milan?

Unlike Rome, Venice and Florence, Milan does not have many sights to see, so you can visit the most important places in the city in two days if your schedule is busy.

If you have plenty of time, Milan still has a lot to offer visitors, so you can easily spend a lot of fun exploring the city.

There are also many daily trips within an hour or two of Milan by train, which is an unmissable journey.

Therefore, we recommend that you spend at least two days in Milan if you want to see only the most important places, and three or four days if you want to slow down on your travel or add a daily trip.

The best neighborhoods in Milan

Milan has a number of unique neighborhoods, so you can always find a place to stay to suit your travel tastes, from the vibrant cosmopolitan places to those quiet, quiet surroundings.

In addition, Milan is a narrow city, so it is easy to move quickly from one neighborhood to another, on foot, by train or by tram.

But if you visit the city you will probably fall in love with the Brera neighborhood in particular, it is one of the most elegant and romantic areas of Milan.

The artistic heart of Milan has always been thanks to its Renaissance architecture and its beautiful pebble streets.

Despite the high prices in the region, many independent boutiques, small shops and streets bordered by cafes on both sides are indeed worth a visit.

The most important tourist sites in Milan

Milan has a few tourist attractions to visit, but thanks to those sights, shopping, fun restaurants, neighborhoods and day trips, there are plenty of entertainment. Here’s a list of the best Milan has to offer:

Cathedral of Milan

In the heart of Milan you will find the Cathedral of Milan, and anything close to it is the city center, and then you will find many shopping, museums and restaurants.

Milan Cathedral and Square are undoubtedly one of the most important sites to visit in the city.

Even if you visit the Cathedral during the day, it is also advisable to return to it at night to enjoy the beautiful lighting of the Cathedral and the surrounding buildings as well.

But be aware, the square is often crowded with people, including many pickpockets, so be attentive for your purposes. Keep in mind that this area is visited by many tourists every day; hence its restaurants are expensive.

The entrance fee for the cathedral alone is 3.50 euros ($ 3.9).

Tickets are insanely long, so expect to wait more than an hour (in the sun) if you are buying tickets from the ticket office (or you can go 30 minutes before the office opens), or avoid ticket queues by buying tickets online directly from the official cathedral site ( But we recommend buying them a little early, because they run out quickly.)

Tickets to visit the cathedral and its roof are 17 euros ($ 19) to take the elevator to the roof, or 13 euros ($ 14.3) to climb the stairs.

There is also a € 25 ($ 27.6) fast-moving ticket that includes everything and gives you a faster queue.

You can also visit the cathedral deck, enjoying the entire city of Milan from the roof only for 10 euros ($ 11) in the ladder, € 14 ($ 15.5) by elevator, or € 23 ($ 25.4) for a quick commute with the elevator.