Trump at Walter Reed Hospital and the White House comment on his health

Network said CNN US president ‘s visit to Donald Trump and Walter Reed Hospital Saturday , November 16, 2019 did not follow the presidential protocol usual medical examination, according to a person familiar with the matter.

According to the source, the medical staff at Walter Reed Medical Center did not receive notice for all staff to visit the Presidential Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, before Trump arrived.

Typically, Walter Reed’s medical staff would have received a public notice of an important personal visit to the medical center prior to the presidential visit, informing them of some closures in the building.

 This did not happen this time, indicating that the visit was not within the usual visits and that it was scheduled at the last minute.

The source said that only a small group of doctors involved in the Trump medical tests may have received notice before arriving at Walter Reed, but says that all medical staff are usually aware if a presidential visit is about to arrive for a regular medical examination.

The White House is suspended

The White House announced Trump’s last two examinations in his office earlier, and this was mentioned in his overall daily agenda, but a source familiar with the matter told CNN on Saturday that the president’s unannounced trip to the medical center was not Even exist in the president’s inner schedule until Saturday morning.

The president’s motorcade moved to the medical center without making any announcement, and reporters were told not to report the action until they arrived on Saturday at Walter Reed. 

Trump usually takes a Marine One helicopter to Walter Reed, but on a clear Saturday, the president chose to move.

Another source familiar with the situation described Trump’s visit as “unusual”, but added that the 73-year-old Trump appeared to be in good health until Friday evening, November 15, 2019.

White House press secretary Stephanie Gresham said in response to CNN’s request for comment on Sunday: Part of his annual physical examination. I made many honest and accurate official statements, actively trying to find conspiracy theories and to say that they really need to stop. ”

Gresham said on Saturday that Trump had decided to complete some parts of his physical test early because his weekend was “vacant” in Washington, but she did not respond to questions about why Trump did not complete his entire physical test, which usually takes four hours on the same visit. Gresham denied that the president had any health problems.

Unusual tests 

Gresham said Trump had undergone “rapid laboratory tests and tests.” Many experts familiar with medical procedures at the White House say that Trump can do the usual lab tests at the White House clinic, suggesting he needed tests that could not have been done there. 

Trump tweeted on Sunday morning that he did not plan to finish the physical examination until next year.

Trump underwent a full physical examination at Walter Reed Military Hospital in February and was believed to be in “very good overall health.”

In the February test, Trump weighed 110 kg, about 1.8 kg more than last year. His blood pressure was measured at 118/80, and the results showed an increase in his daily dose of rosuvastatin, a treatment to treat high cholesterol, according to test results.

A test last year revealed that Trump has a common pattern of heart disease and a high cholesterol level.

White House physician Dr. Ronnie Jackson recommended that the president stick to a diet, start exercising and set a goal to lose about 5kg, but sources told CNN in February that Trump has changed only minor changes in the diet and exercise since the 2018 examination. .

Jackson also revealed that Trump underwent a CT scan of the coronary arteries to examine calcium deposits during his routine physical examination. Trump scored 133, and Sanjay Gupta at the time noted that anything over 100 indicates a layer of plaque, and that the patient has heart disease.