The 19 most beautiful wedding dresses showcased at the Fall 2020 Fashion Week

If you are one of the brides of 2020, you are already busy preparing for your upcoming wedding. As long as the wedding dress is the most confusing, we have collected 19 dresses that appeared in Bridal Fashion Week, and may inspire you, according to the American magazine Glamor .

Amsel design wedding dress

Amsel’s designer prefers harmonious simple dresses, the biggest example being this bare-shoulder dress, with light ties of fabric.


The power of Meghan Merkel’s influence on the puppet market is fading, but its impact remains undeniably elegant. The tight-fitting sleeveless dress offered by Waters at the fashion show is a good example.

Carolina Herrera

This Carolina Herrera dress features ultra-thin embellishments that almost appear on the ivory satin fabric of the dress, which sets it apart from the most rosy designs.

Rivini Collection by Rita Veneris

The last seasons of Rita Veneres were full of brilliant views.

But she erased her record in autumn 2020, heralding the time of poetic silk and satin.

Monique Lullier

With enough fabric, no eccentric details are needed to design a sexy wedding dress like no other.

Let’s look at this striking look from the Monique Lulier Fall collection, which wraps the bride in a zipper-like dress, ensuring her dress is the focus of attention.

Castarius House

There is no doubt that Castarios dresses the dream of the Bohemian bride, as the laser cut lace determines the shoulders of the dress.

The waist design takes you to another new place.

Wtoo from Waters

The mix of colors is no longer limited to art galleries, because the Wtoo collection from Waters proved that you can get a dress dipped in pink cream on your wedding day.

Gala dearly to Lahav

No designer wedding dresses dearly Lahav in brilliance and excellence.

The open back and the A-shaped skirt in this designer dress, to shine under the sunset light, are all the unique touches of the always exceptional designer.

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander’s look is based on a short white dress with a feather jacket.

The dress tends to be a bit like a biker look, with little adolescent look, but is very suitable for wedding.