Fights mosquitoes and prolongs the life of a razor

The taste of olive oil differs from other types of oil in cooking, and its benefits are not limited to the preparation of food, but throughout the home and even outside.

Did you know that you can use it to preserve paint finishes, get rid of door squeaks, and improve a woman’s beauty routine?

An expensive type is not required , but a cheap type can be purchased for home use. Put some olive oil in a spray so that it is easy to use and more practical and useful.

Here’s a selection of uses for olive oil around the house, according to The Spruce website :

The benefits of olive oil in the kitchen
Keep chopping boards, salad dishes and kitchenware

Grease wooden tools after washing, with the right amount of olive oil, to strengthen the wood and protect it from cracking and discoloration.

Leave the oiled tools for five minutes, then polish them with a soft cloth.

Get rid of glutinous substances

After preparing the recipes, grease cups and spoons by weight with a little olive oil, which easily removes sticky substances such as honey, peanut butter and mustard.

Polishing stainless steel

Apply a bit of olive oil to a soft cloth, scrub the stainless steel appliances, utensils, and tubs to clean and keep them from lines, water stains, corrosion and luster loss, and then polish with a soft cloth.

Keep the silver gloss tableware

Olive oil does not prevent the silver gloss from permanently extinguishing, but it retains its gloss longer.

Put a little olive oil on a soft cloth, and rub the silver tools with them, to slow the oxidation that extinguishes the tool’s luster.

Remove the stickers

Apply one or more drops of olive oil on the label so that the oil is submerged, then leave at least 15 minutes. The sticker will then be easily removed.
In the bedroom or bathroom
Keep the pearl luster

Pearls may lose their luster due to make-up and dust, and most of the available detergents are strong and not tolerated by these delicate jewelry.

Restore the luster of pearls and apply a bit of olive oil to a soft cloth.Rub each pearl individually, then dry it and polish it with a dry cloth.

Take off the tight rings

Do you wear a tight ring that does not budge? Brush your finger with olive oil, bring a soft cloth, grab the ring, and move it slowly until it comes out of your finger.

Untangle the stuck command

Soak a cotton swab in olive oil and scrub the teeth of the zipper. Rub slowly and gently move the zipper up and down until it moves.

Regular shoe polish and neck shoes

Restore the glamor of shoes made of glossy leather, rubber or natural leather, just rub them with a soft cloth dampened with drops of olive oil.

Avoid doing this for suede or leather shoes. Dry the shoe with a clean cloth.

Maintain razor blades

Razor blades are expensive, and to keep them in good condition without rusting or losing sharpness, wipe them with a cotton swab or cloth soaked in olive oil. Do not use blades until they are dehydrated.

Moisturizing skin around nails and skin

Olive oil is an ideal natural moisturizer for skin around nails and for skin in general. Add olive oil to warm bathing water to moisturize your skin.

Styling curly hair

Apply a bit of olive oil to the comb and comb your hair for styling frizz. You can rub your hands with olive oil and pass it on your hair instead of putting it on the comb.

Your hands and hair benefit from olive oil at the same time.

Make-up removal

You can remove thick makeup with drops of olive oil, which makes your skin soft, rather than chemicals that cause dry skin.Olive oil is a good makeup remover, especially mascara, because it moisturizes eyelashes.

Remove difficult stains from hair and skin

Olive oil relieves the pain of removing adherents such as paint and gum from the hair.

Brush the area well with olive oil, and try to slowly remove the adhesive, using a handkerchief.

For tough spots on the skin such as hair dye, car grease, bitumen, stationary ink and oil colors, mix drops of olive oil with sugar, to create an effective and gentle exfoliation mixture on the skin.

at home
Get rid of the squeaks

Sprinkle or drop olive oil onto the door hinges, cabinets, appliances and car doors to get rid of the squeaks.

Remove water stains and scratches

Restore a beautiful wood look with warm olive oil, to cover scratches and water stains.

Brush the wood with olive oil using a cloth dampened with olive oil, then polish the wood with a dry cloth.

Make a wood polisher for weekly use by mixing a quarter cup of olive oil with four teaspoons of distilled white vinegar and two teaspoons of lemon juice.

Place the polisher in a spray and shake well before use, and keep in the refrigerator.