A stray penalty hits the crowd and the lights of the stadium instead of the opponent’s goal

A strange and strange incident witnessed at the Naniton Stadium in the Midland during an unofficial match between Naniton and Stratford Town, where Tony Predon, the home keeper, saved a penalty, but instead shoved it against the opposing team to beat a number of fans. Sitting behind the goal, Naniton then goes on to hit a spotlight behind the pitch and drop it over the crowd.

The British newspaper Mirror said that the fans who were in the stands on the stadium was surprised by the coach’s decision to give the penalty kick to goalkeeper Pridon, known in the Midlands, thanks to his multiple participation in informal games between teams live there.

But the strangeness increased after the penalty was executed in the manner described, which was threatening a catastrophe on the pitch, if the flashlight fell over the head of a spectator, or electrical wires touched the crowd in the stands.

The newspaper added that a number of staff in the stadium rushed to bring the searchlight to his place quickly, in order to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant consequences, while the game continued unimpeded.

Fortunately for goalkeeper Brydon, his reckless kick was not too costly for his side, who at the end of the game secured a 2-0 win over their opponents.

Interestingly, Naniton got a second penalty during the game, but the crowd shouted at the keeper to keep his own goal, and left the task to kick another, which happened, so that the player can score the second goal for his team.

The 31-year-old joined Nanton at the start of the season after being discharged from Leamington, with whom he spent the pre-season period in the Premier League.

“I officially left Leamington, that’s not what I wanted, but it’s the result of my poor appearance with the team in preparation,” the goalkeeper said on his Twitter account.